Who We Are

Financial Foundations is an independent financial services and tax firm based in Westborough, MA. It was founded in 2001 by Nicholas Cosentino to help individuals and families achieve true financial freedom making the complicated, simple. Nick realized that people have complex financial needs, and that providing investment advice alone didn’t take into account the interrelated aspects of financial decisions. Out of this insight emerged a financial planning and wealth management firm that approaches the financial needs of clients in a comprehensive and holistic way.

Our team of dedicated financial professionals provides a wide range of services, including financial and estate planning, strategic retirement planning, asset management, wealth accumulation and wealth protection. We counsel our clients with the goal of maximizing their employee benefit plans and help them address the risk in their lives through insurance planning. We advise them about key life decisions like purchasing a new home or funding college educations. We guide clients through today's complex tax landscape, and even prepare their returns.

By addressing our clients’ total financial picture, we provide real, meaningful value. In doing so, we deliver on our promise – to make the complicated, simple.