Transitioning your practice can be an overwhelming task. Commonwealth Financial Network® has an established internal transition team that helps to ensure a smooth, seamless transition.  

Among the innovations that help to ease the way are:

  • A dedicated transition coordinator, who functions as the quarterback for your entire transition process, paired with a dedicated transition associate—your go-to person for training and day-to-day operations questions and issues​
    • Whenever you need help, and whatever the issue, you don't need to think about whom to call; all you have to do is pick up the phone.
  • ​A week-by-week timeline customized to accommodate your schedule
  • The ability to monitor your progress interactively online
  • Start-to-finish online tracking in real time of your brokerage account transfers, including our receipt of paperwork, whether it is in good order (and, if not, what's required to get it that way), the arrival of individual assets, and the transfer's completion
  • One-on-one web tours and training to help you and your staff transition your business into Commonwealth's service areas and processes
  • A range of Compliance-approved marketing materials, including a stationery program, client notification letters, and ad templates to help you communicate changes to your clients and prospects
  • Guidance on building your brand and marketing your business from our in-house experts, along with access to custom-printed letterhead, business cards, and envelopes
  • Website development through EasySite, a program for creating and maintaining a high-impact web presence







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