What We Offer

Our Boutique Firm

Our clients lead busy lives, as do you. It is our goal to maximize their time by providing all the essential services they need when it comes to financial planning. Our holistic approach provides everything you need to deliver a superior client experience, all under one roof.

Joining Financial Foundations will allow you access to state of the art tools and resources. You will have access to Commonwealth Financial Network® and be able to leverage a long-standing relationship with an excellent broker/dealer to help boost your client acquisition and retention. 

Tools and Resources: 







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Model Management

In conjunction with Commonwealth's research team, our own Investment committee conducts research and due diligence in order to ensure our clients are placed in the best possible accounts and funds. Our team meets semi-weekly to learn from industry experts and make decisions for our clients to ensure we are matching investment objectives and asset allocation while balancing risk. You can rest easy knowing you have a team of professionals who will support you on a daily basis.




Do you wish you spent more of your day servicing clients and acquiring new ones, rather than ordering toner and preparing client mailings? By joining Financial Foundations, you no longer need to worry about running day-to-day office logistics. We have an operations team in place to take care of all the details for you so that you can effectively use your time to focus on your clients. With established operational procedures, we take care of onboarding new employees, ordering supplies, compliance, employee relations, technology, and much more, all to create scale and capacity for our advisors so that you can focus on providing superior service to your clients.  


We operate under a single philosophy: By working together we can achieve greater results.  Our clearly defined sales and support responsibilities ensure everyone within our organization is in the right position. To help you focus on what you do best, we can create a team to oversee the daily needs of your clients, or, if you already have an established team, we will transition them alongside you. Our advisor teams consist of 1-2 associate advisors, an executive assistant, and the support of marketing, compliance, tax, technology, and portfolio management teams.

We know we accomplish far more as a team than we do as individuals. Don't you agree?


Financial Foundations strives to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to technology for you and your clients. Our office moved to a cloud-based platform, which allows secure access to all files from anywhere at anytime. Your clients will enjoy a new integrated platform that delivers an aggregation of all financial accounts under one umbrella. This allows your clients to have all their information in one location and it helps us identify product opportunities to increase client confidence and loyalty. Technology is one of many ways that Financial Foundations can provide you the tools to be the best advisor to your clients. 

Technology platforms include Cheshire, Laserfiche, Investor360°, and Client360°.


With a full array of services, our marketing team will ensure consistency with our brand through design, advertising, events, and communications. Our marketing team's goal is to deliver a distinctive Financial Foundations experience to our clients while staying true to each advisor's unique personality and style.

Custom marketing services include but are not limited to: flyers, newsletters, advertisements, social media and e-mail campaigns, client appreciation events, brochures, and seminars.